Magmatic Atmosity 5L Snow Fluid


Atmosity APS-5L Premium Dry Snow Machine Fluid – In Stock

Atmosity APS-4LC Dry Snow Fluid Concentrate – In Stock

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Magmatic Atmosity APS-5L Snow Machine Fluid

Atmosity Premium Dry Snow Fluid

A 5 litre bottle of premium, professional grade, ready to use snow fluid. The APS Snow fluids from Magmatic are made in France and excel in quality. This fluid is pre-made and ready to use straight out of the bottle. Simply pour into your snow machines fluid tank and you are set to go.

The snow created is a finer and drier solution which creates a more realistic snow effect. Consequently the snow hangs in the air longer and floats more freely. The dry on impact solution means that it settles without excess moisture and dries in your hands or on the ground without residue. Hence making it perfect for almost any event or venue.

If you are looking to buy snow machine fluid in Perth, we have a full range of choices. However we like this product so much that it is our standard offering with our snow machines as the effect is the best. There is always that added cost benefit too.

Atmosity APS-5L Specifications
  • Made in France (Concentrate)
  • De-Mineralised Water Based Fluid
  • 5 Litre Bottle – (Bottled in Perth)
  • Suitable for all water based snow machines
  • Finer, more life like snow flakes
  • Longer hang time and float distance

By importing the fluid as a concentrate and bottling it in Perth we have managed to reduce our carbon footprint and end cost to our clients. This is because the shipping of ready to use fluids equates to the cost and carbon foot print of shipping 5 litre bottles with 98% water.

Because of this new product we have reduced our shipping freight by a quarter. That cost reduction and benefits have been directly passed onto our valued clients. All for a better product with a better effect.

Have a big show coming up or using a lot of snow fluid? Why not buy the Atmosity APS-4LC Snow Fluid Concentrate. Yes, that’s right the 4 litre bottle of concentrated formula which makes 80 litres of Atmosity Premium snow fluid.

Not sure how much snow machine fluid you need? Why not use our online snow machine fluid calculator? It lets you know how much fluid you need for your event and what settings your timer should be on if you need to space it over a period of time.

The MSDS sheet for this product is available for download here .

For more information on the range of Magmatic effect fluids please visit their website here.


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