Jands HPC12 Air Gap Distribution / Dimmer

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Jands HPC12 Air Gap Dimmer / Distribution Board Hire

Why choose between the hire of a 3 phase distribution board or a dimmer? The Jands HPC12 Air Gap is a 12 Way RCD Protected Power Distribution / Dimmer Board. It converts a 3 Phase outlet via short lead to 12 10a power outlets each with its on RCD.

Each channel can be assigned as a dimmer (0-100%) or switcher (On / Off function) for multiple use events. This means you can supply constant power to items like LED lighting fixtures, smoke machines and stage equipment. However in a channel dimmer mode, you can also power dimmable halogen lights like Theatre Profiles and Festoons.

The Jands HPC12 Air Gap performs at all events because of superior versatility, usability and reliability.

Feature List

  • Selectable Dimmer or Switcher per channel.
  • Dimmer Control ( 0 to 100% )
  • Switcher Control ( On or Off )
  • A channel in switch mode that is turned off has a true air gap between the incoming mains and the output socket.
  • DMX-512 digital control protocol with RDM
  • Optional Ethernet control module
  • Soft over-temperature cutout
  • Dual temperature controlled DC fans
  • Third-order active filters eliminate mains noise issues
  • Presented in a ROO Bar Cage for safe carriage

The Jands HPC12 can be powered directly out of a 32amp 3 Phase socket or generator. Due to the short lead attached to the unit sometimes it can be necessary to combine the unit with a 3 Phase Extension Lead and Cable Trays.

If you are looking for a dedicated 3 Phase Distribution Board please feel free to Contact Us.

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