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Morrina Community Program

We are very fortunate here at Morrina to have the love and support of our valued clients, friends and families. It is from this sense of family that we feel an obligation to give back to the larger community and society in general.

The Morrina Community Program allows us to help causes and community events that generally tend to struggle to get noticed in a world dominated by larger charities and organisations. The program enables us to provide non-financial support in order to bring new opportunities and fundraising avenues to small community groups and community-based charities.

Support can come in the way of free or discounted equipment hires and services for fundraising or community events. Each event is considered on its own merit and any proposal of support is a unique solution that is designed to achieve the best result for the cause.

Some of the current activities of the Morrina Community Program include

  • Provision of sound systems and services to emergency and evacuation centres.
  • Support of Community Groups and Events to provide equipment and services to enable communities to come together that would otherwise struggle to have access to required funds.
  • Support of fundraising activities for select not for profit charities and organisations who do good in our communities who often get looked over in favour of larger organisations and causes.
  • Support of any event or cause which benefits the larger community at a grass roots level with the intention of helping communities come together or people do good things within their community.

Morrina is always on the lookout for ways that we can support our community. We welcome any community groups, charities and support based programs or services to apply for assistance from the program.
To apply simply email us details about your group and how we can help you grow together.

Apply via Email

** Before applying for Charity and Community Event Sponsorship in Perth, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the products and services offered by Morrina.com.

Morrina Community Program

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